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Course content

Part 1 - The Basics

  1. Introduction
  2. Positioning
  3. FInding The C
  4. Basic Exercises
  5. How To Practice Piano
  6. Articulation
  7. The C Mayor Scale
  8. Independence Exercises Part 1
  9. Independence Exercises Part 2
  10. Repeated Notes Exercise
  11. Intro to Chords
  12. Two Octave Scale
  13. Advances on the Repeated Notes Exercise
  14. Chords By Inversions
  15. The C Mayor Scale By Formula
  16. Variations On Chords By Inversion
  17. Transposing Scales By Formula
  18. Chromatic Chords
  19. Scales In F And B
  20. Different Types of Chords Chromatically
  21. The A Flat Major Scale
  22. Little Finger Exercise
  23. General Discussion, Intermediate Level
  24. Introduction To Four Note Chords
  25. The Arpeggio
  26. Variations On Four Note Chords
  27. The Chromatic Scale
  28. Major Scales in the Remaining Four Keys
  29. Learning To Play Reggae
  30. The Blues
  31. Traditional Blues With the Right Hand
  32. Blues Shuffle
  33. Further Variations of the Blues
  34. Rock And Roll
  35. Gospel
  36. R&B
  37. Closing Comments
  38. Acknowledgments


This course focuses seriously on two often neglected topics: piano technique and improvisation. Most piano and other keyboard players don’t even know how much they are lacking in these two key areas. When you have a solid technical base, everything becomes easier. And improvisation is an essential skill for any serious musician.

The course is designed to be modular and flexible so that you can quickly learn no matter what your initial level is. The only thing you have to do to guarantee yourself success on the piano beyond what you previously thought possible is to put in the time, as described in the course introduction.

Who this course is for

  • Full-time musicians, producers, etc.
  • Singers who wish to learn how to accompany themselves.
  • Full or part-time music students.
  • People who already play one or more instruments and are looking to add keyboard skills.
  • Piano and other keyboard players who want to improve quickly.


  • Access To A Touch-Sensitive Keyboard
  • Some Knowledge Of Music Basics Might Be Useful But Not Necessary

Meet Your Teacher

Born in 1973 in Canada, Rubio distinguished himself at a very early age with his musical abilities. At the age of eight, he won a scholarship to study with Kawai, and at age ten he was winning prizes in music festivals at the national level and recording classical music for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...

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