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This course will blow your mind, I promise.

It is carefully designed so that you can effectively learn how to play piano, skipping the boring parts and having fun while taking advantage of the best online piano lessons and tutorials you can ever have.

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What my Students say


My 11 year old is quickly surpassing other kids with many more years of lessons studying other dated, traditional approaches.


Exactly what I am looking for in a piano course! Bravo!


Very knowledgeable teacher!

Friedrich Joseph

I took a number of years of piano when I was young, but as I took this course I realize there were many things my education neglected.

Roger Kerr

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Born in 1973 in Canada, Rubio distinguished himself at a very early age with his musical abilities. At the age of eight, he won a scholarship to study with Kawai, and at age ten he was winning prizes in music festivals at the national level and recording classical music for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...

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